Media Sales


Field sales interact with leads, prospects and customers on a regular basis – over phone, email and face to face. Typical CRM software provides features to manage these. However, they involve training as well as adherence to processes (mandatory information, workflow, etc).

Many organizations require a light-weight solution for field sales to manage their leads and customers. Such a solution may integrate with CRMs, but maintain relevant data of their own.


Media Sales Manager provides a mechanism for field sales personnel of media companies to manage their leads and for management to review and track the same. It consists of the following:

  • Web and mobile apps for field sales
  • Web app for admin/management/dashboard
  • Optional CRM integration



1. Admin Data management

  • Geographies
  • Target Groups
  • Channels
  • Sales Users

2. App Driven Data Management

  • Clients
  • Brands
  • Leads
  • Campaigns

3. Sales projections and targets definitions

  • Brand approvals
  • Sales proposals workflow, including proposal generation
  • Admin dashboard, daily notifications and reporting


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